Here I live to raise some chicks

Okay so this is where the story starts.

What I thought would eventually become a blog full of my thoughts on technology and design is becoming my log of little farm things I do. This is from my understanding that the world doesn't need my views on technology but my little chicks and how I raised them could help.

Two weeks back I decided to build an incubator to hatch some chicks. Ordered all the things I needed online, started my wait while I worked on other things like the projects I needed to complete and a portfolio I had to make. Slowly I was becoming addicted to the idea of hatching chicken, YouTube invaded my thoughts with their suggestions. 

When YouTube suggested me to watch A chick called Albert I seldom had any idea that this is going to be addictive.

I had already gotten my eggs from my neighbour two days from ordering my things to build the incubator - on the 4th of June. I got them home and kept them safe in Rice - I couldn’t figure why they did that - but fridge didn’t look like an option with the idea of those precious eggs having life in them. 

Amazon was playing a fun game with me getting all the shipments all the way till Thalassery - 10kms from home and then returning them happily without informing. When half of my orders got cancelled I had no option but to build the Incubator with what I had in hand. 

Eggs kept in rice in the translucent white bucket that represents life

So what did I need?

A Container

A Bulb

and A Fan

That’s it?

Little do I know of incubation or even the birth of chicken for that matter at the moment.

Now what?

I couldn’t find a fan and didn’t feel like destroying my PC or opening up an old SMPS(Power Supply on the PC), I've decided to get one from town tomorrow. My shipments are still in transit. IndiaPost is handling them. I have almost lost hope in the national postal system in India but had no option but to trust it with my chicks.

With an Asianpaints bucket as old as the paint on the walls that I found in the junk, I’ve been setting up a little incubation system.


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