The privilege I have in the 3rd world

Recently I got to watch a series of Documentaries on a channel I found on youtube called Free Documentary(also another one called Show Me the World a bit later). It is called World's Deadliest Roads. Though I dived in for the name - to see how people traverse through the deadliest roads on earth, the documentaries weren't quite what I was expecting.

Roads are the most important mode of transport in the present world, life often gets difficult when its non-existent. We have been building infrastructure for ourselves since a long time, but there are parts of the world often struggling to get their daily supplies due to the lack of roads and other transportation infrastructure. Human beings are known for their biological plasticity or their ability to adapt to sometimes extreme environments - we are known to have lived in both the coldest and hottest parts of the pale blue dot.

The films are an ideal example of how adaptive we are and how we live through the tough and the rough. Most of the films have near destroyed vehicles often highly adapted by the local informally educated mechanical engineers, sometimes even vehicles built from scratch using old vehicle parts by the people who have strong hearts. In most of the documentaries are the poorer parts of the world that doesn't have strong economies buying old trucks from the first world and repairing and reusing them - the vehicles we often discard - the ones that have run over 3,00,000 kilometres often become new vehicles for these people. They've devised methods to scroll through the toughest of roads I've even seen on TV. I've felt that some of these roads are capable to putting the toughest of 4x4 trails to shame.

What highly interest me obviously is the part that involves these mechanical marvels getting in and out of the mud but also the hard working always smiling people who are ready to face any problem anytime of the day without a whine about their issues - since they don't have an option otherwise. While I have always had multiple options to choose from - whether it be education or choosing a profession or even food, these are men and women who struggle through everyday and eat boiled flour for food.

The strong hearts these people have been built to have are quite amazing when I think of high schoolers committing suicide because of low grades. The privileges I had always enjoyed without a second thought, now become questionable to myself. Have I been misusing the life I had been blessed with, I haven't even tried a bit. What I have learnt is how tough the world can be to some of us how amazing it is to deal with all of it with a smile.

I suggest you watch at least one of these, they are quite amazing with their visuals and stories. The documentaries are a series produced by Tony Comiti productions, though I couldn't figure what network has been broadcasting these. At least do add it to your watch list.


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